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Experiencing Asia
Great Wall, Beijing, China

Why did we begin MEWE English?

MEWE English was started to help international people living in America. It is difficult to live in America, especially if you are from another country. Brave international people are seen every day who need English. Not only do we observe their bravery, but we are also their cheerleader. When we see a downcast face, we try to reach out in a kind way. We are motivated to keep offering English because we know they need it at times. We recognize that they can live in America without English, but it sure does grow the brain to learn another language, and the quality of life is improved. Because we have lived in four countries (America, Canada, Brazil, and Japan) and have traveled, we have had to learn languages and navigate cultures different from ours. It wasn’t easy. We are helping people and will continue. We desire to help you too. #WhyIDoThis

Tokyo Dome with friends

Melanie and Wilf are the founders of MEWE English, located in Portland, Oregon. They are language learners who lived in Japan for one year while teaching English. Since then, they have traveled back to Asia four more times! In 1992, they began hosting international students in their home. They also interact with international travelers through Airbnb. Melanie is a certified ESL instructor who has been teaching and tutoring in Portland since 2012. Wilf enjoys serving the international community in other tangible ways. Besides teaching throughout the year, Melanie is a graphic designer, tour guide, and recruiter for homestay families. Wilf is a General Contractor who builds, maintains, fixes, and invents things. Come and meet them to see how they can support you as you establish yourself in America.

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