MEWE English helps people fly! 🦋

Student Responses


I can see the passion in your lesson.
~ Harry, Vietnamese student
You’re a really nice person and I hope you will be able to use your positiveness and uplifting spirit to help other students.
~ Y, a Vietnamese student
I do like every lesson that you teach.
~ Liying, Chinese student
I think you are an excellent teacher and you should keep doing your thing.
~ Jake, Chinese student
Melanie is a kind and very friendly person with amazing knowledge and great teaching skills.
~ Isabelle, a German student
She taught us kindly when there were difficult words in the textbook.
~ Kento, Japanese short-term student
She taught us cheerfully. She took me to some good restaurants.
~ Mikiya, Japanese short-term student
Awesome teacher!
~ Leo, a Chinese student
Thank you for encouraging my English… You’re really a great teacher.
~ Jessie, Taiwanese student