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Learning together

Melanie is a kind and very friendly person with amazing knowledge and great teaching skills.

~ Isabelle 🇩🇪

Well, I should say she is incredibly amazing in what she does as a professor. It’s clear that all she wants to do is help students without any limit. She does an amazing job. Also, she put the name of Varsity tutors on the highest level. I’m glad I met her. I want to keep her as my tutor forever.

~ Heidi 🇲🇽

I do like every lesson that you teach.

~ Liying 🇨🇳

I can see the passion in your lesson.

~ Harry 🇻🇳

She understood what I needed and adjusted the class based on my needs. She was great!

~ Natalia 🇨🇴

I think you are an excellent teacher and you should keep doing your thing.

~ Jake 🇨🇳

Awesome teacher!

~ Leo 🇨🇳

She taught us kindly when there were difficult words in the textbook.

~ Kento 🇯🇵

You’re a really nice person and I hope you will be able to use your positiveness and uplifting spirit to help other students.

~ Y 🇻🇳

Wow! What a thorough explanation of what was covered in class and what the homework is. I really appreciate that. I am working now, but I’m looking forward to talking to Tyler about his class. Thank you so much for your help today!

~ Tyler’s Mom 🇯🇵

Thank you for encouraging my English… You’re really a great teacher.

~ Jessie 🇹🇼


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