A Divine Device 🎧

Listen to Melanie read her story to help with your pronunciation.

A stereo is a divine device which delivers an eclectic style of music to my soul. It secures a limpid tune in my heart so I can walk out my front door with an intrepid spirit. Blocking out the goading world, the stereo allows me to concentrate fastidiously on a homework assignment. When feeling reclusive or despondent, I plug in and the rhythms will occupy my mind. A simple musical score can enhance the environment for a grandiose painting by an artisan. The eloquent sound rolls through my ears and to my heart to bring sweet peace no matter what the beat. Applying pressure to a button, I can feel triumph through the vibrations in my feet that make my whole body smile. And when I have daunting thoughts that undulate in my head at bedtime, the timed countdown of tunes curtail the emotional storm and engender a sunset to my sleep. Yes, the stereo is a marvelous tool that provides aid to my languid life.